The new and improved iPhone 5 – well, sort of…

The new and improved iPhone 5

The new and improved iPhone 5

“Thinner. Lighter. Faster. Simpler.” Uh huh.

Christmas To Do List:

  •  Sunday Dec. 16: Blackberry contract expires – Get new iphone 5 from Verizon. {There may have been some notes on the list about gifts for family, but the persistent iPhone snags wiped out any merry gifting quests I may have entertained.}
  • Monday Dec. 17: Working downtown with clients and no Wi-Fi connection, yet everyone else with iPhone 4 can access Wi-Fi instantly. Go to Apple store in Soho [idiots] who tell me I need a new software upgrade for the “known issue of no Wi-Fi connection with new iPhone 5″.  By “known issue” they mean that since the phone’s release in September, millions of people have besieged Apple with complaints, yet no one at Verizon thought to tell me that. Oh, and there was also the “carrier” upgrade needed from Verizon to make sure that the Wi-Fi connected. No, I never knew about that one either.
  • Monday – three hours later: At Soho Apple Store – backing up to iCloud, downloading, rebooting, reconfiguring, trying to find signal, and still no Wi-Fi. They tell me it’s ok – just takes a few minutes. I leave, thinking the idiots were right.
  • Tuesday Dec. 18: Take new iPhone 5 to Apple store on 5th avenue [NOT idiots] who promptly recognize that iPhone has a hardware problem and give me a brand new iPhone 5.
  •   Wednesday Dec 19: New iPhone 5 has great Wi-Fi connectivity but no ability to make or receive phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!  HELLO??????
  •   Thursday Dec 20: back to Apple store on 5th Ave. They do “diagnostics” and determine that “yes” I have yet another  DUD iPhone 5 and promptly replace it with my THIRD iPhone in as many days.

Now, I’m just waiting for something else to go wrong…who knows what that will be?  Moral of story: There is none. We are at the mercy of technology. However, If you have any problems with iPhone 5 while in New York, go the Apple store on 5th Avenue.

Merry Christmas.

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