The Weimarization of America

A Destitute Mother: photo by Dorthea Lange

A Destitute Mother: photo by Dorthea Lange

Touted as the new paradigm in an employment challenged economy, “co-working” and “curated communities” do not come cheap. Certainly no one on unemployment could afford to “co-work” in New York. This means that huge swathes of the population will have no access to potential connections in the new-work paradigm. Upward mobility has ended in America and its demise is part a finely wrought campaign:

“The Weimarization of the American working class – and increasingly the middle class – is by design. It is part of a corporate reconfiguration of the national and global economy into a form of neo-feudalism. It is about creating a world of masters and serfs, of empowered oligarchic elites and broken disempowered masses.”

Chris Hedges posted earlier this year at He skewers corporations and government for working in tandem to blindside those struggling to reach economic stability. His article speaks to another more covert trope of a two-tier society – the willingness of people to acquiesce when faced with catastrophic disparity.

In my recent post at The Weeklings, I investigate why we remain silent …

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