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Radical thoughts, limited spaces: a performance at the Caffe Cino. Photo by Ben Martin

Radical thoughts, limited spaces: a performance at the Caffe Cino. Photo by Ben Martin

Because I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful and talented people over the past year [who bask in treading the tortured path of a writer’s life] Here is a round up of my readings and articles… That I was able to accomplish as much as I did is a tribute to those who organize these events, act as editors, and/or maintain killer websites without asking for a cent. Their combined enthusiasm and dedication ensures that writer’s voices are never lost amid the calamity of 15 second elevator pitches and 40 character sound bites.


  • My short story “Pretending to be Rich is the Best Revenge” was chosen for Liars’League NYC reading at KGB Bar with the Theme of: Cash and Credit – something we have all been obsessed with… Andrew Lloyd-Jones does a smashing job as emcee/host/editor and all-round stellar human being.

  • The first chapter of my novel was selected for a reading as part of “Say What Productions” monthly reading series in September and November at Old Man Hustle Bar in the Lower East Side. The beautiful and gracious Nayanda Moore acts as host.

  • My short story, “Wishing Daisies” was selected by – “An elegant webzine of art, humor, and criticism featuring essays, memoirs, fiction, and more” – as part of their issue #31. Writer and editor extraordinaire, Lisa Kirchner, was instrumental.

  • picked up two of my personal essays by way of The Weeklings – where a single essay is published every day thanks to editor Greg Olear’s witty dalliances with culture, clutter, and acts of anarchy.

  • Artist Portfolio Magazine featured my story on Bushwick Open Studios. Editor Ingrid Reeve does an amazing job finding artists from around the globe and providing a forum for their work.

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