Interlude: An Interdisciplinary Journey

Age of the Machines

Age of the Machines

I was thrilled to be part of “Interlude” a performance/installation work in New York City this past week. Curator Suzi Teo’s intent was “to reconstruct our assumptions from social engagement to traditional art forms through experimentation and collaboration across disciplines.” One could have their fortune told – something that can never be replaced by automation – see a beautiful interpretive dance, watch an artist create a portrait, eat, drink, and enjoy a roaming jazz musician as he improvised music in response to the events that unfolded around him.

My essay, “Age of the Machines,” warns of automation that is controlled by an elite and ponders what may happen when resources, such as water and food, become even scarcer. As always, it is left to the artists to establish solidarity while forging a path of resistance.

One response to “Interlude: An Interdisciplinary Journey

  1. Sounds interesting. Seems as if possibly the exhibition space/the experience you describe as a journey recreates an urban environment without the obstacles to communication that now disrupt human contact–and I don’t mean buses, cars, trucks, scooters, skateboards, ambulances and fire engines, but smartphones and cell phones people are glued to, and which cut them off from experiencing what’s around them.

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